Build and launch a side project
while vacationing in Goa

Learn, network, party and launch your way to
a side-project in 7 days!

25th Dec - 1st Jan

A vacation unlike any other







Life-long Friendships

Converse, collaborate, and build relationships with the top builders in India

Parties & Jamming

Party & jam over music and drinks on all days

Goa during Christmas & New Year

Explore Goa with newly minted like-minded friends

Launch a side-project

Learn, build & launch a side-project while soaking in Goa

You will learn everything there is to launch a side-project


Master frameworks you can use to generate ideas from India's top builders. We will help you become an idea machine!


Pitch your idea in front of everyone. We will help you give your own TED talk!


We will help you build your MVP. From tools to stacks to actually building it out, we will walk the talk with you


We will help you master how to launch & get your first 100 users

You will build irrespective of your background

We will arm you with the learning, tools, guidance, collaboration, mentorship & more to build & ship


Designer turned builder

Coming from a non-developer background, Karthika lacked the confidence to ship. Build changed that.
First side-project (BangaloreRoomie) went viral with 1000+ followers in a day, feature on ScoopWoop and interview with BangaloreMirchi
She collaborated & built 4 more side-projects

Products Launched


Architect turned builder

Rushab is an architecht graduate, who had the willingness to build side-projects but lacked the skills & collaboration needed. Build community armed him with the skills & gave wings to his shipping dreams, so much so that:
He is now a Bubble expert
and works as a freelance no-code developer
Launched 3 projects in collaboration with more in the works

Products Launched


Data Scientist turned builder

Susmeet came looking for enthusiasm and momentum that he always lacked to ship, Build made that happen so much so that:
Shipped 7 Web3 side-projects in 7 days
Connected 1:1 with the founders of top startups via his projects

Products Launched

There are ~500 more such stories of building
It is your tunr now!

Have you dreamt of vibing, tribing and building in Goa?
It's happening

India's most prolific builders are joining in to help you

They have collectively enabled ~400 people to build & ship and will get you over the line too

Angad Singi

Building a content agency


Karthika S

Product Designer & Building Bangalore Roomie


Pratyush Rungta

Product Designer and Building in Web3


Susmeet Jain

Data Scientist & Building in Web3


Rahul Bhadoriya

Brand Designer & Building in Web3


Ayush Rungta

Developer & Builiding Notific


Pranav Singhania

Product Manager & Building TravelCase


Utkarsh Bhimte

Core Team & Serial Builder


Shreyas Prakash

Core Team & Building Clarity


Sai Bhaskar Devatha

Product Manager & Building Kopier


Saumya Saxena

Building in Web3


Vedant Lohbare

Product Manager & Building SuperDMs


Karan Ruparel

Building in Web3


Akhil BVS

Core Team & Building



Product Designer & Maker


Abhishek Kumar

Senior Developer @ Zomentum


Prashant Sharma

Founder BuildCamps


Gayatri Taley

Core Team


Doing this with a tribe in this setting at this time of the year will cost a fortuneNot anymore!

An investment that would take you places in life!

We are investing back the amount you are putting in by designing a 10x experience

7 nights & 8 days stay in one of the top villas of Goa
Party & Drinks on the house in New Year's eve
Immaculately managed bonfire, jamming and other informal + networking sessions
Masterclasses & complete programming you need to go from ideation to launching a side-project
Breakfast, Snacks & Dinner on the house
A surprise specially managed bus to roam Goa together

₹ 60k/-

(Excl. GST)
7 nights & 8 days at a
Villa in Goa close to the beach
Party, Conversations & Hangouts
Find your tribe for life
Build & Launch
Launch a side-project in 7 days

Get your access to the Villa for an experience of a life-time!

Put together by World's only community for side projects

@BuildBySTL helped me unleash a superpower of Building!
The support you get @BuildBySTL is unmatchable! Despite a very difficult pitch 😂, I’ll cherish the love that the idea received and definitely work upon the feedbacks. Onto BUILD mode now! 💪
I can't imagine 'me' shipping something like this before joining Build.@nitprashant is an elusive builder of communities that become exponentially more then the sum of its members.
Best thing happening rn is I get to interact with all the folks who are like crazy achiveers and builder, just learnings on every step @BuildBySTL . Also everyone is like super helpful,  and non judgements al, TYsm @PareenL  for lessening and sharing your insights.
I don’t know what’s in the water at @BuildBySTL but most of these side projects have better UX than demos I’ve seen from startups that have raised Series A’s 😂
5 weeks, 35 sessions and a whole lot of fun later, @BuildBySTL's cohort ended yesterday. I've learnt a lot from the mentors as well as my fellow builders. One tweet can't do justice to everything I've gained through this CBC so here's a thread on my key takeaways:
After 5 insane weeks of learning, building, and bonding, last night we finally graduated from @BuildBySTL C4. Needless to say, it's changed the trajectory of my life forever - transcending from a dreamer to a builder.
My biggest learning from @BuildBySTL  

Going out of way to help others win 🚀

Building side projects have infinite upside

We knew you would ask for the day-by-day break up. Here it is!

Be ready to have the time of your life!

Check-in & Explore Goa🎄

Check-in to the Villas & explore Goa, like you would normally do on any vacation but this time during Christmas

Kickoff & Kickoff Party

Story telling + music jamming session over drinks in the evening

Become an Idea Machine

Morning: Masterclass & sessions on how to think of idea for a side-project and  turn you into an idea machine

Explore Goa

Afternoon: Explore Goa, like you would normally do on any vacation

Idea Jamming session

Night: Informal Conversations and idea feedback session with the core team + BiRs

Finalize your Idea

Morning: Idea finalization and conversations with fellow Builders + Builders in Residence(BiRs)

Explore Goa

Afternoon: Explore Goa, like you would normally do on any vacation

Pitch Night

Pitch your finalized idea

Design your MVP

Morning: Masterclass on Designing (Visual + UI/UX) your MVP

Explore Goa

Afternoon: Explore Goa, like you would normally do on any vacation

MVP Design Demo

Night: Demo your MVP Design and get feedback

Learn to build your MVP

Morning: Masterclass and sessions on Building your MVP (both Code + No-code)

Build your MVP

Afternoon: Build your MVP in the resort with dedicated hands-on support

Plan your Launch

Night: Masterclass and sessions on Planning your launch

Build your MVP

Morning & Afternoon: Build your MVP in the resort

Demo Night

Demo your MVP before the launch

Get the house in order for the launch

Morning: Prepare for the launch

Launch your side-project🚀

Afternoon: Launch your MVP on social and Product Hunt

New Year's Eve Party

Closing Night & New Year’s eve party

Check out from BuildCamp

Check out and kickoff the new year by setting yourself up in the building journey

and we are not doing this alone

You must be having a LOT of questions.
We have answered them for you!

Why, When & WHo?

Application & Selection

Stay, food & drinks



BuildCamps Goa is just the start,
we are changing your travelsaround the world!